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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a good opportunity? 

Keller Williams is the largest, fastest-growing, global real estate powerhouse, with representation in three specialty segments: luxury, land, and commercial. This collaboration  engages the current opportunity with the developer and new home market segment, which will strengthen the joint brand’s market potential, elevate franchise market center value and revenue, and enhance the overall consumer participation and experience.

Why is this a good fit?

The headquarters for KWRI and Legacy are in Austin, which is an incredible complement as we launch the New Home Sales Education Platform. More importantly, however, is the fact that there is connection in mission, vision, and core beliefs. Over the years, Legacy International has interviewed all national brokerages to find the right collaboration and KWRI has emerged as the leader. Keller Williams was the natural, right choice.

Why did Keller Williams pursue Legacy?

For decades, Legacy International has successfully provided world-class consulting, sales strategy, and marketing expertise for builders and new home communities around America. Its single objective is to maximize the return on investment to the builder and developer through strategic management of the sales and marketing process. Legacy’s performance, national reputation, and core values attracted the attention of Keller Williams and, most specifically, Gary Keller. Mr. Keller’s position was made clear to his leadership team when he stated, “We need Legacy!”

What is the course called?

Builder Developer Realtor Education – BDRE

How long is the course?

This course encompasses a total of 6-hours +/- of classroom education. To ensure maximum retention and an exceptional learning experience, the course will be delivered over two (2) sessions…each approximately 3 hours.

Session                                        1                                                     2      

Course 5:                                     TBD

Stay tuned for information on the next LIVE course!

What is BDRE On-Demand?

This 6-hour self-paced course is available for you to at take at your leisure. Your purchase includes access to a Course Library including course review materials, Agent Assets and downloads, videos, practical application, and more! Click Here to sign up!

What does it mean when you say Monthly Subscription or Community?

Upon completion of the 2-session course, you will be invited to participate in our on-going Community of like-minded professionals. The Community will include specialty workshops, one-off training, guest speakers, additional on-demand videos, awards ceremony, and much more.

The opportunity to continue your New Home Sales education through the $59/month BDRE Subscription ensures you stay sharp, continue to learn new best practices, and engage with other professionals.

How is the class administered?

The course will be delivered live, via Zoom webinar.

Who are the instructors?

Broker: Philip Jalufka

Instructors: Philip Jalufka, David Camp, Allan Schweinberg (Certified Distance Education Instructor™), Robert Collins (Certified Distance Education Instructor™), and Bill Houle

Technical Support, Administrators, and Facilitators: Jennifer Stary and Artem Musiychenko

What is the purpose of this course?

Put more qualified new home sales professionals into local marketplaces all over the world. New home sales are an art organized by science, and requires a specialized skill set to work successfully. Historically, these trade secrets have been held close to the chest within a tight knit community of experts focused on boutique relationships with Builders and Developers, employing best practices that achieve predictable results. Legacy’s will provide agents the ability to increase their business revenue by selling more new homes each year.

I understand there are some downloadable items. Can you e-mail these to me?

Yes, absolutely! I would be pleased to send you items. Click here to fill out the contact form. A team member will be in contact with you shortly regarding the following items: (1) the 9 Action Steps (2) a one-page flyer with some basic features on New Home vs Resale (3) the Community Evaluation Form (4) a comprehensive brochure on the training programs and (5) the link to a short YouTube video further explaining the importance of the BDRE training.

What is the cost of the BDRE Live/Virtual Course?

$349 – This course encompasses a total of 6-hours +/- of classroom education. To ensure maximum retention and an exceptional learning experience, the course will be delivered over two (2) sessions…each approximately 3 hours.

I have been in real estate for over a decade. Do you think there is value for me attending the course?

YES! Whether you are just beginning your career or you are a seasoned professional, the course will empower you and help you establish solid best practices to build your business.

I am passionate about new construction and having a hard time getting my foot in the door. Will this course help me?

Rest assured, you are not alone. This is a shared challenge. The BDRE course includes strategic best practices and practical applications that will guide you through how to penetrate the new home veil.

I just registered. When will I receive my log-in credentials?

Thank you for joining the revolution! Your course credentials will be sent within 48-hours to the e-mail you used for registration. Once you get your log-in information, you may simply link to our introductory programs. We have several great learning tools already waiting for you. P.S. You may also change your system-generated password to something else if you wish. P.S.S. If you ever forget your password, just link to the website, and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button. The rest is easy.

I paid by credit card, but I have not received my log-in credentials.

Did you receive the registration acknowledgement immediately after you registered? Rest easy, you will receive your log-in within 48-hours of registration. If this, however, does not happen, please call 866-986-0017.

What if I cannot attend one of the sessions?

Attendance in both sessions is expected. If, however, you must reschedule a session, please contact our support staff at to explore options. If space permits, you may register for a similar session, within 1-year, by paying a change fee of $50.

What is your teaching philosophy?

This training program will be developed and administered using Zoom webinars. As such, the delivery will be live/virtual. To elevate your enjoyment and retention, we intend to offer an interactive learning experience with ample time for interaction as well as questions and answers. In addition, you will have the instructor’s direct contact information for follow up, individual assistance, and personal coaching.

What if there are technical issues during a session?

Prior to, during, or after the course is live, you may contact our support team at or 866-986-0017. In the event of a catastrophic disruption resulting in a session needing to be rescheduled (i.e. technical issues), the session will be rescheduled to the next business day. In the event you are unable to attend a scheduled session, the tuition is valid for 12-months from the date of payment and you may complete the course by registering for another, similar session, if space permits, by paying a $50 change fee.

Is the course interactive?

Yes! In addition to the live/virtual experience, Legacy will maintain a live chat during the course delivery. When the course is off-line, students may connect with Legacy via text, e-mail, or a direct call, whichever is preferred by the student.

Can I pay for my team and get a discount?

Yes! With multiples of 10, you will enjoy a 15% discount on the registration fees. To coordinate the bulk purchase, please e-mail us at

I usually focus on resales. Is this still a course I should consider?

Great question and the short answer is YES! We are confident you will be able to immediately implement the best practices you acquire through this class your business will realize a positive impact.

Is there a post course exam?

Yes. To ensure the information is retained, there will be a 4-question, ungraded exam at the end of each of the 2 sessions. At the end of the 2-session course, there will be a 20-question post exam. Students who do not correctly answer a minimum of 70%* of the post-course exam (20 questions) will be given a second opportunity with a different set of exam questions. If failed the second time, the student will not be deemed a graduate, will not receive the subsequent graduate certificate, and will not receive any continued education credits, if applicable. The student may register for the course again, upon space available basis, without cost.

*The licensee’s governing authority may have rules that require different percentages and, if so, Legacy will adhere to these guidelines.

Bulk discount code?

Please e-mail us at for your 15% bulk discount code.


Builder Developer FAQ:

What are you providing that we do not already do or have internally?

This may surprise you to know the short answer may be ‘nothing’. As we navigate through a discovery session with a Builder or Developer, we may find subtle gaps in their processes, offerings, or execution. Once identified, implementing a strategic solution eliminates potential friction points while enhancing the overall delivery and return. In some cases, simply introducing our services provide additional revenue avenues not previously considered.

What if we are pleased with our sales and marketing programs yet see an area where we could use some help?

We often find this to be the case and are prepared to provide solutions a la carte. Distinguishing and embracing core competencies is vital to the success of the relationship. During the discovery process, we will work with you to preserve the functions you wish to retain and develop solutions to drive sales and ROI. We recognize that, in order to best serve our Builder and  Developer partners, we must focus on providing customized solutions to their individual situations, which may include recruiting, training, developing the technology platforms, just to name a few options.

Are you able to work in tandem with our in-house sales and marketing teams?

Indeed we are. Some of our Builder and Developer partners have in-house teams and ask that we complement their programs using our talent pool or, in some cases, ask that we engage in one-off offerings in geographic locations they are unfamiliar with or simply cannot provide the level of service today’s discerning customers expect.

What is the next step?

We see this initiative as a historic industry disruption and the execution of the initiative is well underway. As we implement each phase of the plan, we will update the website with new and exciting information. You are free to regularly visit for additional information or, you may also contact Allan Schweinberg (866-986-0017) with any questions.



“I’m excited to be in business with Legacy International. It’s not often you get to go into business with a group like Legacy. You’re an amazing group of people, your goals are amazing, the way that you treat people, and the way you go about doing your work is amazing, and it’s an honor to be in business with you.”

Gary Keller, CEO, KWRI

Click Here to hear a message from Gary Keller

“With an annual rate of 940,000 new home starts, Keller Williams recognizes the enormous opportunity available to agents who pursue this market. Our commitment to arm our agents with the tools they need to meet today’s consumer needs is a natural alignment with Legacy International.”

– Jason Abrams, VP of Industry, Keller Williams Realty

“I’m proud to align Legacy International with the world’s most successful real estate firm and its entrepreneur and accomplished leader, Gary Keller, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Keller Williams,” says Philip Jalufka, Legacy International’s founder and CEO. “This powerful combination of builder and developer professionals with world-class strategic partners will transform our industry, providing both our teams with enormous distribution, specialty training, and resources — and ultimately enhancing the consumer experience.”

– Philip Jalufka, CEO, Legacy International