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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Legacy International is thrilled to announce it has executed a Builder Developer Services Growth Initiative with the #1 real estate firm in the world, Keller Williams (KWRI).


Keller Williams is THE largest, fastest-growing global real estate powerhouse, with representation in three specialty segments: Luxury, Land, and Commercial. This expansion engages the current opportunity with the Developer and New Home market segment, which will strengthen the collective brand’s market potential, elevate franchise Market Center value and revenue, and enhance the overall consumer participation and experience.

Why is this a good fit?

The headquarters for KWRI and Legacy are in Austin, which is an incredible complement to the expansion. More importantly, however, is the fact that there is an alignment in mission, vision, and core beliefs. This alignment is shared and championed by both Gary Keller, CEO of KWRI, and Philip Jalufka, CEO of Legacy International. Over the years, Legacy International has interviewed all national brokerages to find the right partnership and KWRI has emerged as the leader. Keller Williams was the natural, right choice. 

Why did Keller Williams pursue this expansion?

For decades, Legacy International has successfully provided world-class consulting, sales strategy and marketing expertise for builders and new home communities around the Americas. Its single objective is to maximize the Return on Investment to the Builder and Developer through strategic management of the sales and marketing process. Legacy’s performance, national reputation, and core values attracted the attention of Keller Williams and, most specifically, Gary Keller. Mr. Keller’s position was made clear to his leadership team when he stated, ‘…we need Legacy…!’.  

What are you providing that we do not already do or have internally?

This may surprise you to know the short answer may be ‘nothing’. As we navigate through a discovery session with a Builder / Developer, however, we may find subtle gaps in their processes, offerings, or execution. Once identified, implementing a strategic solution eliminates potential friction points while enhancing the overall delivery and return.

In some cases, simply introducing our services provide additional revenue avenues not previously considered. 

What if we are pleased with our sales and marketing programs yet see an area where we could use some help?

We often find this to be the case and are prepared to provide solutions a la carte. Distinguishing and embracing core competencies is vital to the success of the relationship.

During the discovery process, we will work with you to preserve the functions you wish to retain and develop solutions to drive sales and ROI. We recognize that, in order to best serve our Builder / Developer partners, we must focus on providing customized solutions to their individual situations, which may include recruiting, training, developing the technology platforms, just to name a few options.

Are you able to work in tandem with our in-house sales and marketing teams?

Indeed we are. Some of our Builder / Developer partners have in-house teams and ask that we complement their programs using our talent pool or, in some cases, ask that 

we engage in one-off offerings in geographic locations they are unfamiliar with or simply cannot provide the level of service today’s discerning customers expect.