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Proven Results That Deliver Maximum ROI

The collaboration between Legacy International and Keller Williams creates an outstanding win-win for builders and developers. Our professional suite of services — ranging from sales, marketing, operations, positioning, product definition, pricing, research, and more — is everything you need and want to ensure your projects achieve maximum ROI results.

With access to highly trained agents within the Keller Williams network and the world-renowned industry expertise Legacy International is known for, we’re your one-stop shop to new home sales success.

Why Legacy KW?

You want proven expertise in new home sales — an agent well-versed and well-trained within your sector of business. The key differentiator with a Keller Williams agent is the quality of tools, exposure, insight, and support each professional is fully equipped with to make sure your needs are taken care of efficiently and successfully. Legacy International is specifically trained in the art of new home sales, while Keller Williams has the most advanced technological platform in the industry. Choosing the right agent makes all the difference.

  • Access to a robust database of more than 180,000 agents nationwide
  • Cutting-edge technology for realtors and home shoppers
  • Specialized New Home Sales Training by Legacy International’s industry experts
  • Customizable program and proven formula that delivers predictable results

Legacy’s 5-stage process

Your development project deserves a return on investment that surpasses your expectations, and our strategic five-stage process delivers just that — plus some. Each community is unique and requires a tailor-made strategy that aligns with your project and the scope of work needed for your success.

Discovery Stage

Site inspection
Developer / Investor meeting
Project scope and definition

Stage 1: Positioning

Interview stakeholders
Project definition & design

Stage 2: Planning

Assign sales team leader
Conduct sales and marketing summit
Review / approve budgets and critical path
Define legal and brokerage requirements
Determine product definition, segmentation and potential builders

Stage 3: Training

Personnel growth / expansion
Lead generation tactics
Fulfillment processes
Personal business planning

Stage 4: Execution

Determine product release method
Set appointments
Determine ROI objectives and measurement systems
Implement training
Reporting and action planning

Stage 5: Review

Refinement and execution (people, training, strategy, and accountability)

Meet with our team to see a full list of available services and create a customized plan for your success.

About Legacy International

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Legacy International is a boutique real estate consulting, sales, and marketing firm specializing in master-planned communities, neighborhoods, and urban mixed-use residences throughout the world.